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Yan Zhang is an interdisciplinary artist based in the Windsor and Detroit area. She has been honing her Chinese painting skill in a contemporary context for the past several years. Originally majoring in Chinese traditional figure painting, she blends watercolor, digital art, and surrealism with her twenty years of Chinese painting experience and creates her meticulous yet imaginative imagery. She has been tempted to push the traditional Chinese painting boundary. Her work aims to explore "the anxiety and struggle" to understand our complex emotions as well as the world around us.


She has already been included in various important exhibitions and received several awards. One of her paintings, Ups and Downs, is part of permanent collections of the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto. Her artwork, Life in Swirl, was selected to display at the Senate Binsfeld Office Building in Michigan from October 2021 through September 2022. Yan earned her BFA and MA in Chinese Painting from Hubei Institue of Fine Art. She received her MFA from Wayne State University, MI in2022.

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